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Watrex Prague is a Czech manufacturer and distributor of

- Chromatographic instruments
- Chromatographic columns
- Laboratory equipment for water treatment
- Consumables


We offer professional service and maintenance of your devices.

HPLC Laboratory

In our laboratory we perform custom analyzes and development of chromatographic methods.

Research projects

We are the solver of several grant projects in cooperation with academic institutions.

Streamline™ FC1 Fraction Collector

The fully automated fraction collector FC1 offers a universal solution for a number of applications requiring the collection of fractions, e.g. protein purification, preparative chromatography or other methods for obtaining samples by fractionation.


P102 HPLC pump, dual head, Stainless Steel

With a wide range of flow rates, from the minutest quantities to larger volumes, our HPLC pump adapts to your diverse experimental needs without compromising precision. Handle high-pressure applications with confidence. Our pump delivers a maximum pressure of 42 MPa, ensuring efficiency and reliability in even the most challenging chromatographic separations.

Column thermostat

CTC-330 Column Oven

Column thermostat for HPLC with a temperature range from 10°C above ambient temperature to 120°C.

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