P102 HPLC pump, dual head, Stainless Steel

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Welcome to PrecisionFlow™ P102 HPLC Pump: Unleashing Accuracy in Chromatography

Welcome to the future of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with our state-of-the-art HPLC Pump. Engineered for precision, reliability, and versatility, our double-piston pump sets the standard for demanding dosing applications, including stable jet stream applications.

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Key Features

Double Piston Design:
The double piston design ensures exceptional accuracy and precision in the delivery of solvents, making it ideal for applications that demand the utmost reliability.

Wide range of operating conditions:
With a wide range of flow rates, from the minutest quantities to larger volumes, our HPLC pump adapts to your diverse experimental needs without compromising precision. Handle high-pressure applications with confidence. Our pump delivers a maximum pressure of 42 MPa, ensuring efficiency and reliability in even the most challenging chromatographic separations.

Stainless Steel or PEEK Versions:
Choose the material that suits your needs. Opt for the durability of stainless steel or the biocompatible advantages of PEEK. Both versions maintain high chemical resistance, making them suitable for a diverse range of chromatographic solvents.

Efficient Pulse Dampener:
Our integrated pulse dampener minimizes pressure fluctuations, ensuring a smooth and controlled flow.
Experience enhanced separation quality and purity, thanks to the efficient dampening of pulsations.

Versatile Applications:
Whether you’re conducting routine analytical experiments or pushing the boundaries of chromatographic research, our pump caters to a wide array of applications, ensuring versatility in your lab.

Demanding Dosing Applications:
Excel in applications that demand precise and stable dosing.
Achieve a stable jet stream for your research experiments, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every sampling.

High-Quality Construction:
Crafted with durability in mind, our pump is built to withstand the rigors of daily laboratory use. The robust construction ensures longevity and reliability.

Chemical Compatibility:
The pump is designed to handle a variety of solvents with ease, providing excellent chemical compatibility. This feature is crucial for researchers working with diverse samples and experimental conditions.

Intuitive Controls:
The user-friendly interface simplifies pump operation, allowing for easy programming and monitoring. Spend less time on instrument setup and more time focusing on your research.

Whether you’re in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, environmental analysis, or academic research, our HPLC pump is the go-to solution for achieving unparalleled precision in liquid chromatography.

Elevate your chromatography experiments with our HPLC pump—where precision meets reliability. Experience the future of liquid chromatography and unlock new possibilities in your laboratory. Contact us today to discover how our HPLC pump can transform your research endeavors.

Technical specification

Flow Rates:0,01 ml/min – 9,99 ml/min with step 0.01 ml/min (analytical)
Pressure: 42 MPa/6000 psi (stainles steel)
Pulsation:better than ± 0.5% @ 1mL/min. and 7 MPa
Pressure Accuracy:± 2% of full-scale, with 80:20 H2O/IPA @ 7 Mpa
Flow Accuracy:± 1% @ 1mL/min. and 7 Mpa
Flow Precision:± 0,2% RSD @ 1mL/min. and 7 Mpa
Remote Control:USB
I/O Interface:Start, Stop, Status, Error