Streamline™ FC1 Fraction Collector

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The fully automated fraction collector FC1 offers a universal solution for a number of applications requiring the collection of fractions, e.g. protein purification, preparative chromatography or other methods for obtaining samples by fractionation.The robust design of the FC1 ensures reliable X-Y displacement that carries the switching valve. Placing the fraction switch directly above the receiving vessel minimizes dead volume between fractions.Depending on the required volume of fractions, different types of test tube stands are offered with the device. Furthermore, it is also possible to use large-volume containers.The operator controls and programs the fraction collector from the touch screen on the front panel of the device using intuitively arranged screens with adjustable parameters for a given fraction collection series. For advanced programming and connection to chromatography software, the device is equipped with a USB interface. FC1 is supported by the Clarity data system.

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  • Simple operation
  • Color touch panel control
  • Optional analog input
  • Selection of rack types
  • Clarity CDS supported

Technical specification

Max. flow rate:50 ml/min
Wetted materials:PTFE, PEEK
User control:color touch panel
PC connection:USB
External control:TTL (contact closure) – RUN, STOP, NEXT, COLLECT
Power supply:24V DC external power supply