xTrovert™ FLEX-O, a unique robotic system enabling the automation of solid-phase sample preparation using 96-titre plates.

xTrovert™ FLEX-O brings an innovative solution for 96-well SPE plates, which has not yet been seen on the market. This robot is equipped not only with an 8-channel pipetting head, but also with a gripper and a filling dispenser, which precisely applies washing solutions to the SPE positions on the plate.

The xTrovert™ FLEX-O is capable of processing up to 4 x 96-well sample plates in a single run, for a total of 384 samples, with up to 8 different washes and extraction reagents. The system’s compatibility with a range of 96-plate format SPE systems, including Waters OligoWorks™ SPE Macroplate, Waters Oasis™ PRiME HLB, Macherey-Nagel™ SPE MULTI 96-Monoblock CHROMABOND™, provides users with flexibility and a wide range of applications.

A simple scripting language is available for users to edit the protocol, which can be easily uploaded to the device wirelessly. The user interface, with a touch LCD display, allows convenient control and access via wifi from external devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

The entire system was designed and developed by Watrex Praha and is manufactured in the Czech Republic and promises a shift in the performance and efficiency of laboratory processes worldwide!

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