Streamline™ OLE 200

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OLE 200 on-line SPE is an automatic on-line SPE/pre-concentration unit equipped with 10 port selection valve for samples and washing solvents, high pressure cartridge selector for 7 cartridges, high pressure pump, and injection valve connected to HPLC instrument. The pump sucks through 10 port selection valve up to 7 samples to 7 SPE cartridges. Then collected components are washed with one or two slushing eluents, and eluted via sample valve into a HPLC system.

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Technical specification

Cartridge selector:twin 10-port high pressure selector, 40MPa
Cartridge dimensions:10x4mm
Connection to HPLC instr.:Rheodyne 6 port sample valve
Selector:low-pressure 10-port selection valve IDEX
Sample load pump:high-pressure single piston ss pump
Instrument control: driver for all valves and pump controll included