Streamline™ AS1 Autosampler

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The AS1 autosampler with a sample capacity of 60 standard (12 x 32 mm) vials or 96 with a microtiter plate, is the smallest of the two autosamplers of the Streamline HPLC range. The small footprint of only 310 x 210 x 478 mm (HxWxD) in combination with excellent specifications and almost maintenance free mechanics makes this autosampler an ideal partner for automating not only Streamline HPLC systems but virtually any HPLC system that needs to be upgraded with an autosampler. A speciality of the AS1 autosampler is the double needle injection technique by which the outer needle or “air needle” pierces the vial septum before the sample needle enters the vial. This is a unique approach avoiding blocked injection needles and/or blocked injection valves. This allows the use of any type of vial septums and by which it adds to improved reliability of the chromatography system as a whole.