P280 Pump Prep, PEEK, biocompatible

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Welcome to PrecisionPrep™ P280: Elevate Your Preparative Chromatography

Explore the future of preparative chromatography with PrecisionPrep™ P280, a state-of-the-art pump that redefines efficiency and precision. Featuring a unique parallel double-piston arrangement, this preparative chromatography pump is designed to meet the demands of high-flow applications while ensuring a stable and precise flow profile.

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Pump features

  • Parallel Double-Piston Arrangement:
    The innovative dual-piston design allows for parallel operation, optimizing flow distribution and enhancing efficiency.
    Experience enhanced performance and productivity in preparative chromatography with this cutting-edge arrangement.
    Achieve unmatched versatility with flow rates reaching up to 80 ml/min.
    Tailor the pump’s performance to accommodate a wide range of preparative chromatography applications.
  • Stable and Precise Flow Profile:
    Enjoy a stable and precise flow profile, critical for reproducibility in preparative separations.
    The P280 ensures consistent and reliable results in every run, minimizing experimental variability.
  • User-Friendly Interface:
    The user-friendly interface simplifies operation, allowing for seamless control and monitoring of preparative chromatography processes.
    Easily program and adjust parameters to suit the specific requirements of your purification protocols.
  • Applications:
    Purification of Pharmaceuticals
    Isolation of Natural Products
    Large-scale Biomolecule Purification
    Industrial Separations/li>

  • Reliability Beyond Measure:
    PrecisionPrep™ P280 is engineered for durability and reliability in demanding preparative chromatography applications.
    Trust in its robust construction and precise engineering to deliver consistent results run after run.
  • Conclusion:
    Elevate your preparative chromatography to new heights with PrecisionPrep™ P280. With a parallel double-piston arrangement, high flow rates, and an efficient pulse dampener, this pump is designed to meet the challenges of large-scale separations while ensuring a stable and precise flow profile. Choose PrecisionPrep™ for unparalleled efficiency and reliability in preparative chromatography.
  • Technical specification

    Flow Rates: 0,1 ml/min – 80 ml/min with step 0. 1 ml/min)
    Pressure: 5 MPa/725 psi
    Pulsation: better than ± 1% @ 10mL/min
    Pressure Accuracy: ± 2% of full-scale, with 80:20 H2O/IPA
    Flow Accuracy: ± 1% @ 10mL/min
    Flow Precision: ± 0,2% RSD @ 10mL/min
    Remote control: USB
    I/O connector Start, Stop, Status, Error

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