Streamline™ P1 Pump, Stainless Steel

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Streamline P1 pump, stainless steel fully meets the demanding requirements for HPLC pumps and can be combined seamlessly with HPLC detectors and instruments from other manufacturers. In the analytical version of the pump, the flow rate range from 0.001 ml/min to 10 ml/min is adjustable in 1 ul increments with a maximum working pressure of 42 MPa (6,000 psi). Flow rate adjustment accuracy is ±1% and flow rate variation is better than ±0.1%. The pump’s extremely smooth flow profile is ensured by an efficient pulse damper and optimized cam shape. A unique feature is the active piston and seal rinse, which prevents crystallization of buffers. A touch screen display on the front panel allows intuitive control of the pump. The display shows the flow rate, the current pressure and the pump is equipped with pressure limits. A PRIME function is also directly available for flushing at increased flow rates.

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Technical specification

Flow rates: 0.001 to 10.000 mL/min
Pressure: 0 to 42 MPa (6,000 psi)
Flow precision: > 0.2% RSD
Flow accuracy: ± 1 % @ 1mL/min and 7 Mpa
Pressure accuracy: ± 2% of full-scale, with 80:20 H2O/IPA @ 7 Mpa
Pulsation: ± 0.5 % @ 1mL/min and 7 Mpa
Remote inpus: USB