P105 UHP Pump

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For Fast Chromatography and LC/MS Applications

The P105 UHP pump is designed to be a reliable component within a basic analytical instrument or sophisticated research instruments. The flow rate of the Ultra High Pressure pump can be set in 0.01 mL increments from 0.000 to 5.000 mL/min.

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Pump features

  • Single stepper motor driven, dual head positive displacement pump (pump heads 180° out of phase)
  • 316 Stainless Steel pump heads and fluid path
  • Incorporates a diaphragm-type pulse damper, which reduces pulsation in the system by as much as 90% and includes an isolated pressure transducer (i.e., the transducer adds no dead volume).
  • Ruby/Sapphire Check Valves (1/16” ball)
  • Front panel flow adjustment in .01 mL/min increments
  • Upper and Lower Pressure Limits: Automatically turns the pump OFF if the system pressure exceeds the maximum pressure limit, or drops below minimum pressure limit
  • Microprocessor advanced control with advanced pre-compression algorithm and user calibration feature
  • Back panel USB communications port for complete control and status monitoring; Clarity Driver available
  • Automatic piston wash (self-flush)

    Technical specification

    Flow Rates:0,01 ml/min – 5 ml/min with step 0.01 ml/min (0.001 ml/min increment from PC)
    Pressure:124 MPa/18000 psi
    Pulsation:± 0.75% @ from 20 MPa to 124 MPa
    Pressure Accuracy:± 2% of full-scale, with IPA
    Flow Accuracy:better than ± 1% @ 10mL/min
    Flow Precision:better then 0.1% RSD or 0.2 min SD, whichever is greater, across the full flow range, 35 MPa, with degassed methanol
    Remote control: USB
    I/O connector:Start, Stop, Status, Error