UFO™ Solvent Recycler, PEEK version

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Watrex UFO Solvent Recycler saves up to 90% of mobile phase by redirection of the pure solvent to the solvent reservoir during the isocratic HPLC. The device is powered by 5 V DC from computer USB port or power adapter. Working parameters (Threshold and Delay) are set using user friendly software. The UFO Solvent Recycler continuously monitors the output signal of the chromatography detector and displays its current value in the application on computer. A high-resolution analog-to-digital converter provides data for further evaluation in the built-in processor. If the input signal level exceeds a preset value (Threshold), the UFO recycler will redirect the flow to the waste. When the signal drops, the solvent recycler waits for the transport delay and then switches the mobile phase back to the reservoir. An autosampler injection marker connected to the UFO recycler START input can be used to zero the input signal at the time of injection.

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  • Very compact design
  • Simple operation

Technical specification

Detector compatibility:compatible with any HPLC detector
Connection:1/16″ O.D. tubing, 1/4″-28 flat bottom fittings
Maximum pressure:30 p.s.i./0,2 MPa
Wetted material:PEEK, PTFE
Input range:+/- 1 V or +/- 100 mV, user selectable
Computer connection:USB-A
TTL/contact closure input:configurable (ZERO, start, valve position)
Power:5V DC/<100 mA (computer USB port or power supply)
User interface: PC Windows based software