Did you know that acetonitrile is among the significant global pollutants, and nearly a quarter of its total consumption is utilized in liquid chromatography? Join us in conserving the environment!

You’ve probably already heard about our mobile phase recycler, SPR-200, but we’ve further enhanced it! It not only allows for a savings of up to 90% of the mobile phase but also offers you the option to choose the input range (+/- 1V or +/- 100 mV) and recycle the mobile phase even with minor changes in the signal at the detector.

The SPR-200 is now equipped with a high resolution analog-to-digital converter, resulting

in significantly more precise signal measurements. To enhance user comfort to the fullest extent, we’ve added a high-contrast LCD alphanumeric display, ensuring improved data readability. Furthermore, we’ve exchanged the original RS232 communication interface for a modern USB, which also serves as a power source for the device.

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