Exciting News in the World of Chromatography! Introducing the New P series Pump version 2024!

We’ve taken our legendary P series double piston pumps to a higher level. Our latest innovation has been designed to increase pump performance and improve user comfort.

Key Differences:

  • Replaced the old mechanical keyboard with a more user-friendly membrane keyboard.
  • Streamlined electronic design by consolidating two original boards into a single
  • Fundamental change in the communication interface, replacing RS232 with modern USB for seamless connectivity.
  • Newly added an I/O connector for controlling the pump via TTL logic signals.
  • Improved the communication protocol and increased the communication speed of computer interface to 115200 Baud for efficient data exchange. 

Whether you’re in academia, pharmaceuticals, or any field demanding superior chromatographic or dosing results, the P series pumps are your gateway to surpassing expectations. Upgrade your lab today and unlock a new realm of possibilities in your research.

For more information visit the website www.hplcpumps.com or email us at watrex@watrex.com.

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