Gel Filtration/SEC

Gel Filtration (Size Exclusion Chromatography, SEC) is a simple and reliable technique for separation of molecular components according to their size. The technique relies on a separation media of porous beads, packed closely together in a column. The column is flushed through with a usually aqueous buffer, also known as the mobile phase, and then the sample is loaded.

The larger molecules of the sample are too big to enter the pores so they flow quickly down the column via the spaces around the beads and elute first. Medium-sized molecules are able to enter the pores but their relative size means that the speed in which they move into and out of the pores is fairly rapid. Consequently they elute next. The smaller-sized molecules are able to easily enter the pores and pass through the interior of the beads. This slower progress results in elution nearer the end of the procedure. The larger the molecule the faster it generally will tend to pass through the column.

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WATREX Prague ( is the largest distributor and producer of HPLC techniques in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A privately owned company, was founded by Dr, Milan Minarik in 1990, initially as a distributor of Waters Division of Millipore. The company was built up on invention of the scientists coming from academical research that imprinted the company the theoretical and practical experience and expert skills in all the modes of liquid chromatography. Currently, 15 people are working in the company and several outsourcing companies cooperate. Two subsidiaries, namely WATREX International in the U.S.A (, and WATREX Bratislava in Slovakia have been set up in the meantime. 3 millions Euro is Watrex current turn over. 


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