Current WATREX research projects

The main goal of the project is the development and production of mini-electrospray interfaces enabling the achievement of highly sensitive analyzes based on microcolumn separation methods with mass spectrometric detection.

The main goal of the presented project is the development of a new instrument platform for the preparation of lipid nanoparticles for use in research, the pharmaceutical industry and biomedicine.

Variable loop injector

Current variable volume injectors used in HPLC (Vici Valco, Rheodyne, etc.) are based exclusively on a fixed loop concept. Variable volume feature is then provided by Partial Loop Fill method using a syringe. When manually operated, even the traditional Hamilton syringe never provides a precise volume selection. The main shortcomings of such approach are in an insufficient flushing of connecting channels before (partial) loading of the sample, and a poor reproducibility of manual volume adjustment.
Watrex has developed the first true VARIABLE LOOP INJECTING VALVE enabling variable volume injection with Full Loop Fill method. No volumetric syringe is needed, continuous flow loading can be used. Any common fixed-volume autosampler can be easily upgraded into a variable volume autosampler just by replacing the valve.

Principle of operation

We are currently involved in a number of research projects supported by grant funding

This project aims to develop chiral stationary phases for chromatography by using novel chiral selectors based on cyclodextrins and helical cationic units (helquats). Moreover, innovative electrostatic immobilization strategy will be employed in order to reduce production costs of the stationary phases with respect to conventional covalent binding. Principal goal of the project is expected by 2019.

The main objective of the project is to develop a new type of chromatography instrument for preparative analysis based on the concept of a low-cost “black-box”. This concept is based on the principle of incorporating hardware components into a small footprint format, with the system of preferences and experimental parameters set to target applications requiring minimal operator expertise. Another closely related objective is development of a series of specific applications primarily focused on the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Our previous grant projects

The main goal of the presented three-year project is to develop a portable instrument for detection of methanol and formic acid in blood samples.

The proposed project is directed at development of prototype of a unique system for separation of proteins from complex biological samples. The instrument will be based on parallel separation of samples in microchannel-array system with collection and isolation of separated proteins. The project is divided into three phases (i)Concept, (ii) Development and (iii) Completion. These phases are directed at (i) optimization of basic physico-chemical parameters, (ii) design and realization of technical solutions of individual parts and (iii) production and functional validation of a complete prototype. Benefits and warranties for successfull realization of the project come from our previous sucess in product development, production and sales of our instruments on domestic and international markets.

The main aim logo watrexof the project was to develop a new stationary phases based on chiral helicenes for HPLC and column manufacturing. Further testing of their properties and evaluation of the relevancy for possible production and sale was also part of the objectives.

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