Streamline™ P1 Pump, PEEK

104 914  bez DPH

Pulseless double piston HPLC pump with effective internal pulse dampener.

Category: PN: SP101-002


Watrex Streamline™ P1 high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) pumps are designed to be a reliable component within a basic analytical or sophisticated research instruments. Streamline™ P1 pumps use overlapped linear cams and a high precision stepping motor to provide stable and accurate flow. The pumps can be controlled by Clarity datasystem or manually by the color touch panel.

  • Optimized pump mechanics with parallel piston design offers excellent flow rate accuracy and low pulsation.
  • Available in type 316 stainless steel or biocompatible (metal-free) PEEK™.
  • Can be used in a high pressure gradient system, where one of the pumps acts as a master (P1) controlling the second, which acts as a slave (P1s).