PCRS-300 Post-column derivatization, Reaction System

bez DPH

Derivatization System.


Watrex PCRS-300 post-column derivatization is a compact system allowing operation at temperatures from 10 °C above ambient temperature to 150 °C. A controller with a graphic touch display is used to set the operating parameters of the derivatization system and display its current status.

  • Rupture proof designed for long term reliability
  • Interchangeable reactor cartridges for optimizing reaction volume
  • Simple control interface (no computer required)
  • Works with any HPLC system

A diverter valve is connected to the pump inlet to allow choice between reagents (reagent / flushing fluid). The liquid is sucked from the reservoir by an inlet filter and led by a PTFE capillary to the inlet of the pump head. From the pump outlet, the liquid proceeds to the diaphragm pulse damper with its pressure sensor and further to the purge valve. The restriction capillary located behind it provides the overpressure necessary for the effective operation of the damper. The pulseless flow of liquid is led to the outlet port. An adjustable upper pressure limit is used for the system, the pressure gauge is equipped with the autozero function. Automatic flush and stand-by mode.


  • MaterialsStainless  steel, sapphire, ruby, PTFE, PEEK, HDPE (metal-free version)
  • Flow rate0,01 – 9,99 ml/min
  • Relative flow accuracy: < 2%
  • Flow precision: RSD 0,5%
  • Number of inputs for liquids2 (reagent/rinse selection by valve)
  • ConnectorsInlet:   1/8“, 1“-28 flat tipOutlet:  1/16“, 10-32 UNF
  • Temperature1°C – 150°C
  • Temperature stability: 0,1 °C