LSS-205 Starter Kit

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LSS-205 Liquid sensing system is universal unit for monitoring the liquid level of your chromatographic system. It notifies the users in time of the upcoming mobile phase or waste bottle of approaching filling and triggers an alarm.
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LSS is a universal device for monitoring the liquide level of your chromatographic system. The daily task in the chromatographic laboratory is the manipulation of mobil phases. The operator must check the supply of solvents at the inlet of the device and regular monitor the condition of the waste solvent container. The LSS-205 greatly simplifies these tasks.

LSS-205 is a universal accessory for any (chromatographic) system. The level sensors used in the LSS-205 system are contactless, do not require immersion in liquid, and are installed on the outer shell of a non-metallic solvent container. The method of mounting the sensor allows placement on a container of virtually any shape and size.

The LSS-205 central unit is ready to process the signal from up to five liquid sensors, which can be individually set to trigger an alarm in the event of a missing or present liquid. The error status of the individual sensors is indicated optically directly on the central unit and the alarm can be accompanied by an acoustic signal.

External optical signaling (green/red) and a loud siren suitable for a noisy environment are available as an option to the central unit.


Central Unit

Power supply 5V (wall mount power supply or USB port of PC)
Number of liquid sensors 1-5
Alarm condition individually adjustable for each sensor (off, missing liquid, liquid present)
Internal alarm indication high intensity LED for each sensor
Internal acoustic alarm indication 80 dB, common for all sensor
Temporary acoustic alarm suppression using button on the central unit
Temporary deactivation of sensors using button on the central unit
External optical signaling conncector on the central unit panel
External acoustic alarm optional 105 dB external horn
Alarm aignal for external devices logic (open collector), relay switching contact
Computer connection micro USB connector, simple text communication protocol
Firmware possible in field
Dimensions 130x80x30 mm
Weight 250 g

Liquid sensor

Sensor type capacitive sensor with adjustable sensitivity
Dimensions 50x30x15 mm
Connection cable 2 m length
Sensor mounting plastic holder with flexible silicon tube for container wrapping, standard length of tube 700 mm, other lengths on request