Watrex Streamline™ ICC Ion Conductivity module with chemically regenerated suppression

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Watrex Streamline™ Ion chromatography system with chemically (ICC) regenerated conductivity suppression is preferentially suited for analysis of anions.

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Watrex Streamline™ Ion chromatography system with chemically (ICC) or electrolytically (ICE) regenerated conductivity suppression is preferentially suited for analysis of anions. The system consists of isocratic or gradient solvent delivery system and either IC1c (chemically regenerated) or IC1e (electrolytically regenerated) ion module with cation conductivity suppression

  • Both, Isocratic with P1 pump, and/or High pressure gradient with P1s and P1m pumps and static gradient mixer, offer excellent flow rate accuracy and low pulsation, compatible with carbonate-, as well as hydroxide mobile phases
  • CD1 conductivity detector with detection cell positioned inside the column oven compartment, provide high signal stability.
  • Chemically or electrolytically regenerated membrane suppressor extremely suppresses mobile phase condu-ctivity, and raises anion conductivity during anion analysis.
  • Data acquisition, processing and instrument control is done by Clarity DataStation

Component specifications:

P1 HPLC pumpFlow Rates : 0.000 to 10.000 mL/min, Pressure: 0 to 6,000 psi (420 bar), Pressure accuracy   ±2% of full-scale, pulsation: ±0.5% @ 1 mL/min and 1000 psi, Flow accuracy:  ± 2% @ 1 mL/min and 1000 psi, with 80:20 Water/IPA @ 1000psi, Flow precision: 0.2% RSD.

IC1c/IC1e module with built-in CT1i Column thermostat

Conductivity range: 20 nS/cm – 20,000 µS/cm, Volume of flow cell: 0.76 µl, Temperature range  10 °C above ambient temperature to 120 °C, temperature  accuracy: better than +/- 0,5 °C , Temperature stability  RSD < 0,4%, Setting and display resolution  0,1 °C, T-compartment dimensions  320 x 50 x 30 mm (L x W x H), Time to stabilization @ 80 °C  30 minutes maximum, 15 minutes typical, Suppressor, continually regenerated by external regenerant (H2SO4 or MSA). Suppression level: < 30 nS/cm, or electrolytically regenerated suppressor with constant current source, Suppression level: < 45 nS/cm.

Clarity™ Chromatography Station: Advanced chromatographic datastation for data acquisition and evaluation supported with modules for instruments controll. Enables rutine separations with pre-set methods, containing all experimental and instruments settings. Computer /OS WIN 10 Professional 64 bit and LCD monitor included.


PN: SMI99-001: Remove manual injector from system    -1 586.00

PN: SP99-001: Remove P1 pump from system  -3 959.00

PN: SAS90-001: Add AS1 Autosampler to system +5 700.00

PN: SP90-005: Add Binary High Pressure Gradient to system +824.00