Streamline™ isocratic system

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Watrex streamline isocratic HPLC system included P1 pump, UV1 detector, CT1i thermostat with manual injector, solvent rack, Clarity datastation.

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Watrex Streamline™ isocratic HPLC system consists of one P1 pump, CT1i column thermostat with manual injector and UV1 UV/Vis detector.

  • Optimized pump mechanics with parallel piston design offers excellent flow rate accuracy and low pulsation.
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio of the UV1 detector
  • Data acquisition, processing and instrument control is done by Clarity Chromatography Station

This HPLC system is suited for even the most demanding applications including microbore and capillary separations. Modular concept offers easy and economical upgrades or configuration modifications such as additional detectors, autosampler or fraction collector.

Component specifications:

P1 HPLC pump: Flow Rates : 0.000 to 10.000 mL/min, Pressure: 0 to 6,000 psi (420 bar), Pressure accuracy   ±2% of full-scale, pulsation: ±0.5% @ 1 mL/min and 1000 psi, Flow accuracy:  ± 2% @ 1 mL/min and 1000 psi, with 80:20 Water/IPA @ 1000psi, Flow precision: 0.2% RSD.

UV1 UV detectorLight Source: Deuterium Lamp, Tungsten Lamp, Wavelength Range: 190–800 nm,

Baseline Noise: ± 1 x 10-5 AU (@240 nm, 2 sec. risetime), Baseline drift: < 3×10-4 AU/h, Wavelength accuracy: ±2nm, Linearity: >2.0 AU, Wavelength Program: Programmable, 10 steps.

CT1 Column thermostatTemperature range  10 °C above ambient temperature to 120 °C, Tem-perature  accuracy: ± 0,5 °C, Temperature stability: RSD < 0,4%, Setting and display resolution: 0,1 °C,

T-compartment dimensions  320x50x30mm (LxWxH), T-stabilization @ 80 °C  15min (30min. max).

Clarity™ Chromatography Station: Advanced data acquisition and evaluation, enables routine separations with pre-set methods for experimental settings. PC Win 10 Professional with LCD monitor included.



Part no.   Description

PN:  SUV99-001   Remove UV1 detector from system  4 837,00

PN:  ST99-002   Remove CT1i column thermostat with manual injector from system  2 566,00

PN:  SPDA90-001   Add PDA1 265 photodiode detector to system  +8 094,00

PN:  SPDA90-201   Add PDA2 512 photodiode detector to system +15 330,00

PN:  SRI90-001   Add RI1 Refractive index detector to system  +5 998,00

PN:  SAS90-001   Add AS1 Autosampler to system  +5 700,00

PN:  SFC90-001   Add FC1 Fraction collector to system  +3 657,00