VD 400 Viscometer Detector

493 920  bez DPH

VD 400 viscometer is an absolute detector which measures the intrinsic viscosity of a molecule in solution and is intended for online measurement of viscosity in any GPC system.
Categories: , PN: VD400-001


By combining the VD 400 viscometer and a refractive index detector into a GPC system accurate molecular weight determination is possible based on the universal calibration principle. This is effective for all polymer types synthetic, natural, and bio-polymers to determine true molecular weight and its distribution, size, structure, branching, aggregation without requiring to calibrate the GPC separation columns.

On-line viscometers are used to establish a universal calibration curve for the analysis of:
 • polymers where no calibration standards exist
 • copolymers
 • branched polymers
Besides the molecular weight distribution viscometers additionally provide:
 • intrinsic viscosity/specific viscosity
 • Mark-Houwink coefficients
 • structure information
 • branching information