Streamline CT1 Columm Thermostat

bez DPH

Efficient column thermostat.
Category: PN: ST101-001


Watrex Streamline™ CT1/1i column thermostat is an ideal tool to grant stable separation temperature even if laboratory temperature fluctuates during the day. It is also essential instrument in sugar analysis and/or   many applications requiring higher column temperature. An optional built-in manual syringe front loaded sample injector increases usage comfort.

  • The vertical column thermostat with Peltier cells
  • Up to 3 columns with a length of 250 mm can be placed in the thermostat.
  • Possibility of installing an additional valve for column switching.


  • Temperature range 10 °C above ambient temperature to 100 °C
  • Temperature accuracy deviation less than 0,5 °C
  • Temperature stability RSD < 0,4%
  • Setting and display resolution 0,1 °C
  • T-compartment dimensions 320 x 50 x 30 mm (L x W x H)
  • Time to stabilization @ 80 °C 30 minutes maximum, 15 minutes typical

Manual injector (optional)

  • Injection principle: Syringe front-loaded external loop injector
  • Sample valve Pressure resistance40 MPa